Our Culture

At Orient Cargo, we believe that our culture is the foundation of our success. It's the essence of who we are, how we work, and what we aspire to be. We are committed to creating a dynamic, collaborative, and inclusive environment where every individual can thrive and contribute to our collective success. If you're considering joining our team, here's what you can expect from our culture and the core values that guide us:

Our Culture:
1. Collaboration and Teamwork: We're a family, and we operate like one. Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage open communication, idea-sharing, and mutual support. Together, we're stronger.
2. Inclusivity and Diversity: We celebrate differences and recognize the value that diverse perspectives bring. We believe that an inclusive environment fosters creativity, innovation, and empathy.
3. Continuous Learning: We embrace change and encourage a growth mindset. You'll have opportunities for ongoing learning and development to keep you at the forefront of your field.
4. Empowerment: We empower our team members to make decisions and take ownership of their work. Initiative and creativity are not just encouraged; they're expected.
5. Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. You'll find flexibility and support to maintain your well-being.

Joining Orient Cargo means becoming a part of a dynamic, forward-thinking, and supportive team. Our culture and values drive us to reach new heights and make a positive impact on the world. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and working together to achieve great things.



Senior Operations Executive - EXPORTS

This is a very significant position within the operations department. The Senior Operations Executive will be located at Lahore, reporting directly to the branch manager. The position will be responsible for end-to-end execution of Export shipments and key responsibilities include Pricing, Coordination, Billing and Record Keeping.

Growth Manager

We are seeking an experienced Growth Manager to foster and oversee international B2B partnerships and brand development of the company. This role involves online/virtual sales through diverse marketing channels, making it a key aspect of the position, along side growth analytics, marketing and brand development responsibilities

Telesales Executive – INSIDE SALES

You will be expected to meet and exceed sales goals, make cold calls, prospect for new customers, and build upon and service existing customers in your assigned territory or category. When calling prospects, you will need to identify the key decision makers and initiate and pursue productive, consultative relationships. You may also be required to arrange information and appointments for field sales representatives.